Isola Bassa

Itís the oldest side of Dolo, enclosed between the two branches of Naviglio Brenta, the most characteristic and picturesque place of the settlement where every 4th Sunday of the month it hosts an interesting antique market. In the foreground the ex Slaughterhouse, initially built as stables for the horses of the boatman, used to drag the boats, burchi e burchielli (boat without motor, today motorboat) from Venice to Padua; renovated from Habsburg Empire in the Ď800 it is now a neoclassic building used as exhibition and cultural space.
On the background in the left channel, there are the Chiuse or Porte Nuove (New Doors) of Dolo, built in the 1934 to facilitate river navigation of commercial and tourist vessels like the famous Burchiello, B&B Casa Vally faces this side of the river, about 10 m from the ex Austrian slaughterhouse.


Dolo - Isola Bassa